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How sports can help dads better connect with their kids | Featuring Sports Analyst Jack Armstrong and Sportnet’s Donnovan Bennett, this webinar features an amazing conversation on fatherhood while discussing how dads can better connect with their kids through sports.

How to Get Your Kids to Listen and Follow Your Guidance | This webinar focuses on helping dads get their kids to listen and follow their guidance.

Advice for New Parents: 5 Helpful Tips to Set Your Family Up for Success | If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here’s some advice for new parents: five simple tips to help you start your parenting journey on the right foot.

Good Dads — the real game-changer | This is a great TED talk about the importance of dads and the impact they have on the development of children.

The Dad Central Show | Dads love to see their kids grow into confident and successful adults. The problem is most dads feel unsure how to get there and lack trusted resources to help.

Fatherhood Programs and Events

Super Dads Super Kids

Super Dads Super Kids is an interactive, play-based program for male caregivers and the children that they are raising.

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Hangin' with Dad

A FREE event full of fun and creativity for kids and their dads, granddads, or other significant male role models.

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Daddy and Me Playtime

This is an unstructured play time providing an opportunity for you to spend time with your child and meet other parents.

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