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Information & Referral

Community Resource Navigator

A Community Resource Navigator can provide information and referral assistance to individuals and families in finding solutions to challenges they may face, such as basic needs, childcare, counselling, recreation, and more. Open to anyone in the city, this support has no cost and can be accessed by phone, email, or by setting up a one-on-one appointment at any one of our southside locations.

Developmental Milestone Check-ins for Babies and Young Children*

Are you curious about your child’s development? The Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQs) can be used to help you understand your child’s development in six main skill areas (social-emotional, gross motor, fine motor, communication, problem-solving, and personal-social). More information on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire can be found here. This service is available for children 6 and under. This service can be accessed through any early childhood program or by making a one-on-one appointment with our Community Resource Navigator.

One-to-One Parenting Support*

If you have questions regarding parenting, child development, or other family resources, including Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) One-on-One Primary Care, please contact the agency to speak to the Community Resource Navigator.

*Call 780.413.4521 for more information and support.