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Babysitter Training Course



For youth ages: 12 years and up 

Parental consent forms required | $25.00 fee

The Babysitter Training Course can help prevent injuries and promote responsible management of common situations that may arise while children are under the care of babysitters. This in-depth course is designed to develop transferable skills and is delivered focussing on lectures, small group discussions, problem-solving, student presentations, inquiry, role-playing and instructor-led demonstrations. This program has been developed by the Canada Safety Council and is designed for young people who will reach the age of 12 or older within the calendar year. A final exam will be held in the last session.

Participants must attend all sessions and obtain a passing grade of 75% on the final exam in order to obtain certification.


Dates Times Locations
March 13, 2021 - March 20, 2021
10:00 am - 4:00 pm Summerside


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