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Family Futures Resource Network is a community-based organization…

with over 20 years’ experience providing a broad spectrum of prevention and early intervention programming and supports to caregivers and children 0-18 years of age. The services offered are strength-based with a focus on child development, parent education, family support, community connections, and home visitation. The agency has a history of providing relational based supports for children, youth, and caregivers and adapting those services to meet the changing needs of the communities. Family Futures Resource Network is seen as a leader in south Edmonton because of the reputable quality programs and services that are delivered.

New Family Resource Network Model

Family Futures Resource Network is thrilled to have been selected as the successful Hub for both Southwest Edmonton and Southeast Edmonton under the provincial government’s new Family Resource Network model. We were also selected to provide Home Visitation services in West Edmonton.

Family Futures Resource Network will deliver prevention and early intervention services and supports through a provincial network of community-based service providers.

Supports and services will specifically focus on strengthening parenting and caregiving knowledge, social support, coping and problem-solving skills, access to other community supports and resources, improving child and youth development, building resiliency and fostering well-being. Examples include in-home visitation, parenting support and coaching, child and youth programs, and early childhood development programs focusing on early literacy and play. As Alberta faces both a pandemic and an economic crisis, support to families is critical.

“Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that children and their families have targeted supports that promote child safety, well-being, and development. Our new Family Resource Networks will provide programs, services, and supports to build stronger, more resilient families and communities across the province.” Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Children’s Services

Family Futures Resource Network will be responsive and adaptable, identifying support services that can be delivered by phone or online. A link to these resources will be provided on our website.

Quick facts

  • In March 2019, Children’s Services released Well-being and Resiliency: A Framework for Supporting Safe and Healthy Children and Families. The framework provides a road map to enhancing, strengthening, and promoting a consistent, province-wide approach to prevention and early intervention services and supports for Alberta’s children, youth, and families.
  • In November 2019, the Ministry of Children’s Services invited prevention and early intervention service providers across the province to submit proposals for the delivery of services through a formal expression of interest.
  • More than 400 proposals were submitted by proponents across Alberta.
  • Proposals were assessed based on organizational capacity, partnerships and collaboration, service delivery plans, proposed budget, and alignment to the Well-Being and Resiliency Framework and the miyo resource – which are based on leading brain science and cultural connection practice.
  • The realignment of prevention and early intervention contracts and grants into a transformed family resource program model will align with the Government of Alberta’s Well-Being and Resiliency Framework and other resources and, by reducing redundancies and targeting supports, will save $15 million in 2020-21.


Family Futures Resource Network’s services and supports emphasize that families are their own greatest asset. The agency has been fortunate to build relationships with children, youth, and families who can benefit from services that help them access and increase their existing strengths and resilience. The agency has worked tirelessly to become an asset by offering timeless, evidence-based programs and services balanced with the development of new, innovative programs and services that are responsive to the ever-changing and increasingly complex needs of children, youth, and families.

The core areas of programming for Family Futures Resource Network are:

The objectives of Family Futures Resource Network are to:

• Support parents in their role as their children’s first and most influential teachers.

• Link parenting programs and services through a province-wide network that promotes excellence.

• Facilitate the sharing of resources.

• Foster the creation of partnerships

Most of our programs are offered at no cost to the participants.


Family Futures Resource Network What We Do

Families face many challenges and stressors in everyday life. Family Futures Resource Network offers strength-based programs and services in a safe and welcoming environment to help families thrive and grow.

Our programs and services are preventative and supportive providing opportunities for families to respond to challenges as they arise.

Our Vision:

Stronger families for a better future.

Our Mission:

Family Futures Resource Network builds on the strengths of individuals and families through connection, support and education to create a better future.

Our Purpose:

Empowering Families. Changing Lives.


Our Core Values

Relationships: We foster a sense of belonging and honesty that promotes a culture of caring, kindness and hope.
Commitment: We are committed to enriching the lives of all individuals, families and the community.
Integrity: We conduct our business in an honest, transparent manner and are guided by high standards of conduct and moral behaviour.
Accountability: We are accountable for the effective management and stewardship of the organization and its resources through a transparent and responsible manner.
Well Being: We believe that individuals and families deserve to be safe, secure and healthy.




View some great testimonials from various parents What Parents Are Saying

I started with bringing my son to playgroups for a couple of years and then now began bringing his younger brother too. Learning about the wealth of programs available and having a place for the kids to socialize with other children their age.  I have also have learned more age appropriate games/activities for the kids. Interacting with other kids his age has really helped my son and his speech and communication. His language skills have improved and he loves socializing. It’s wonderful to have playgroups he looks forward to them all week.


My children have attended one of the summer camps and they loved it, great structure, variety of activities and good leaders. I was impressed with the organization of Family Futures leading up to and during the event. We’ll be back!

Gill Knuckey